Osteoarthritis – Things to Know

What is osteoarthritis? Because this is not a common term, some might not know about this. However, for those who are in their prime, such term might be familiar to them. This is the most common type of arthritis and is also called djd or degenerative joint disease.

The said disease usually comes in aging as this happens when there is a cartilage loss. You see, our joints are cushioned with cartilages so they can function without us feeling any pain. It goes without saying that when the cartilages wear out, moving the joint pains will be really burdensome and thus it is now termed as osteoarthritis.

As of date, there are innovative treatments when it comes to this disease. But before anything else, let us learn some facts about this. Check this out:

As mentioned, this is the most common type of arthritis. In fact, more and more people are dealing with this particular type of disease.

This is also called wear and tear arthritis because of the situation mentioned above.

Most of the time this will happen on the joints that supports your weight like your knees, for example. This is why it would also help if you are not overweight.

If you are active, there is a good chance you will feel this pain and also upon waking up in the morning. However, after moving around for some time, this should be less noticeable.

As mentioned above, there are now treatments for this type of arthritis and one of the most preferred is the red light therapy. This is elaborated in https://healthincenter.com/red-light-therapy site so you should check this out as this might be the kind of treatment you need.

As we age, there are so many complications. This is why it is important to be knowledgeable.