Teleseminar Tip #26 – The 5 Steps to Creating Video Products With Teleseminars

Coming up next are 5 stages to making video items with your teleseminars:

  1. Picture – You can have an image of yourself and the interviewee on the screen. This image can be one next to the other picture. You can utilize any still picture that you might want. You will name over the teleseminar over the genuine picture.
  1. Video – You can utilize projects, for example, Camtasia to make videos of projects on your PC. Camtasia is a program that can experience your any program on your PC and it will demonstrate you traveling through the program. You can make a powerpoint introduction and name the teleseminar over the powerpoint. You can likewise make a genuine video utilizing a camcorder and have the teleseminar name over the sound.
  1. Site – Make beyond any doubt to list your site on the base of the screen just as the start and end of the video. This is an extraordinary method to mark your site with your video. This is made as an overlay over the video.
  1. Altering Programs – There are numerous video altering programs out there. The video altering program on PC is Windows Movie Maker. You can make still videos or moving videos with Windows Movie Maker. Another PC program you can buy is Sony Vegas. This program is anything but difficult to utilize particularly with the instructional exercises. Mac Computer accompanies their very own iMovie program. The instructional exercises with iMovie is plain as day. There is youtube intro maker too.
  1. Segments – An hour long teleseminar can make at least 6-7 movies. You will need split your teleseminar into segments and have section 1 through 6. It is great to include an introduction and shutting music with your teleseminar areas. These segments can be utilized as the sound for your videos.